TekITEazy website on an iMac and a smartphone

There is an expression: “You are never as well served as when you serve yourself”. That is the reason why I started creating my own website www.tekiteazy.com at the beginning of 2021.

Technologies: WordPress, HTML, CSS
Services: Digital Strategy, SEO

Quick Story

When TekITEazy has been founded in 2017, one of the first steps has been to purchase the domain tekiteazy.com. The first reason was to avoid someone else owning it and preventing me from having a nice and simple url. The second was to create a set of cool and easy-to-remember email addresses for my business needs.  The last reason was that my objective was to create a website that would allow me to advertise my work and the projects that I am proud of.

From mid 2020 and the start of the Covid-19 crisis, I must admit that some of my professional projects naturally slowed down but the biggest change has been about my personal ones. Because of the successive lockdowns and curfews, all my travel plans and daily hobbies have been cancelled. And it gave me time, much more time than I would expect. That is why I decided to take advantage of it and create my website.

The Project

Websites is far from being my specialty but everybody say that it should not be that difficult for an IT engineer… I thought about an old website project I did in the past and I remembered how WordPress was looking like the best and easiest tool to use to create a simple website.

So I went into the setup of my hosting provider and installed WordPress. Then, I spent hours trying to find a theme that would look good enough to give a good impression and customizable enough for to me to layout all the information that I wanted. Finally, I started created some texts to give some content to the site (this post is part of that task!).

But, a good website that nobody can find is a bit useless. That’s why an important step has been to work with Google’s tools for the SEO and making sure that the TekITEazy website would appear in the search results with the right keywords and layout. From now, all the SEO monitoring tools that I have setup will help me tracking the searches and visits and finding the best keywords or content to provide to give more interest to my (potential) customers.

To conclude, the big work to setup the website is done but the most important remains: making it appealing and alive by creating regularly posts and content. That is my commitment so stay tune!

Olivier Voyer