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Egzon Pllana
Egzon PllanaiOS Developer, Owner of Reminder - Smart Schedule App

For me, my teacher and "the master" for iOS Development is and will be forever on my path for "seek to become", is Olivier Voyer, we worked together on Apps People (2018). From Olivier, I learned so much and the best thing that I have learned is, "Simplicity is your best friend" and the true meaning of “No one has ever become poor from giving.” – Anne Frank, so THANK YOU, my teacher!

Florent Spahiu
Florent SpahiuAndroid Developer at apper

Olivier’s experience and professionalism is something that every team needs. His ability to solve complex problem and architect different applications in the company was a game changer, and every one has benefited from it.
I don’t want to leave without saying that he is also a great leader, always leading by example. He was an inspiration to other team members to always be better developers and colleagues. Not only he understands the processes well, he also is able to share his knowledge with others.
I have worked with different people in the past, but Olivier is the best developer and leader I have ever worked with.

Flamur Beqiri
Flamur BeqiriiOS Developer at appDev

Olivier is one of the best engineers to work with. He is obsessive about user experience and beautiful code. Works closely with developers, helps and contribute in every way he can. It was always a big relief to have Olivier in a project, his expertise and experience made a big difference. He is always ready to provide support and comes up with more than one answer if you need help.
Apart from work, Olivier is a fantastic guy to talk with and always has some jokes around.
Olivier played a big role in my career, not just mine but for the whole team.

Visar Ibishi
Visar IbishiiOS Developer at OpenResearch

It’s rare that you come across such a great engineer like Olivier. 
I had the pleasure to be part of Olivier’s iOS Team for over a year, and worked together on several projects. Olivier always leads by example and keeps the entire team motivated. He has excellent problem solving skills and never hesitates to share his knowledge with the other team members. Olivier is a really friendly guy and would be an asset to any team.

Dafina Haziri
Dafina HaziriUI/UX Designer at Polymath Labs

I had the opportunity to work with Olivier on AppsPeople. Designing apps that Oliver with his team will develop has been the single most transformative, beneficial experience in my career. He has excellent problem-solving skills and never hesitates to share his knowledge with the other team members.
You should be very lucky to work with Olivier, he is one of the best engineers to work with, very professional and friendly guy.

Trim Bresa
Trim BresaSoftware Developer at Polymath Labs

I had the chance to work with Olivier while I was part of Apps People and I can easily say that Olivier is one of the most intelligent people that I have worked with. He has knowledge not only on building a product but also about the core concepts of the tech field, especially for iOS apps development.
He is also a very respectful man and gives his best to help the team, I recommend him.