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The adventure began back in 2011 in Australia when I joined a small local app development company based in Perth, Western Autralia. After a couple of months, I flew back to France and started working for them as a remote sole trader. Six years and dozens of completed projects later, I founded TekITEazy in 2017.

As an IT Engineer, I use my analytical mind and experience gained in different fields like video games or medical imagery in order to convert any rough idea into a marketable app, through a structured and quality development project.

Used to work 100% remotely or on-site, in either French or English, I am comfortable with integrating any team, whatever its size, and any step of a project.

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How could TekITEazy be helpful for you ?

  • I can help defining your mobile strategy, analyzing your business to extract your needs, structuring your ideas to write requirements or specifications to determine the perfect scope of your future project.
  • I can bring my ideas about the project technical architecture, the database schema, the tools and third-party to use, the initial UX or UI designs to make sure that the good decisions are taken as early as possible.
  • I can code in languages like Objective-C, Swift, Javascript, Typescript, provide high-value code reviews or refactoring suggestions, setup and write tests so that your app is built following high-quality standards.
  • I can assist you in the release of your apps to the public, in reviewing an existing app to discover possible weaknesses or improvements, in the monitoring of your production environment, in the necessary corrective and evolutive maintenance in order to make you proud of your app.

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